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[IP] More about ACE inhibitors

    Our cardiologist friend drew a diagram for Melissa (and me!) to explain 
just what her Ace Inhibitor was doing that accounted for the 80% reduction in 
the amount of protein she was shedding. I can't remember all the specifics 
(help me out here you medical experts!!!) but in layman's terms, the narrowed 
vessels decreased the blood flow out of the kidneys which caused the volume 
to "back up", thereby straining the "basement membrane" (glomerulus) & 
allowing the protein to leak through. What her kidney biopsy showed were 
indeed minimal changes in that basement membrane which were NOT 
characteristic of anything other than diabetic changes.  After dilating those 
vessels with these meds (originally designed for cardiac pts. with high blood 
pressure), the pressure is reduced, hence lessening the strain on the 
kidneys.  To complete the "picture" he drew a 2nd diagram & said to 
Melissa..."ok kid, this is your kidney.....picture #2 - this is your kidney - 
ON DRUGS!!!!!"  It really was pretty hysterical at the time! LOL....
    He added that the frustration for him comes when doctors refuse to 
prescribe ACE inhibitors, fearing that their pt's. blood pressure will 
plummet. Melissa's pre-Vasotec bp was 90/60 and on 10 mgs a day it has 
remained 90/60. On hot summer days however, if she fails to drink enough, she 
DOES feel a difference & her pressure may drop.

Regards, Renee
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