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[IP] MM Exchange

For one month I have been trying to get my infusion sets exchanged.  My nurse 
thought that I would like the Silhouette so ordered them, but I don't.  Maybe 
one day I will be able to manage them, but right now I am too much of a 
chicken.  I have had no problems with the Sof-set.  The person that I need to 
talk to at MM has been out sick.  She was supposed to be back for sure last 
Mon and would call me, but so far no one has called.  It is hard to believe 
that there is only one person to handle exchanges.  Almost an hour ago I 
called again and I was told that I would get a call in a minute.  I doubt 
that I will hear from them today since it is 6:00 here in Nashville.  Twice 
they have sent me two Sof-sets.  They are going to have to send me some more 
or I will have to go get some from my nurse.  I wonder if they will put in a 
couple of free boxes for the stress that they have put me thru.  I hope this 
is not going to be the normal relationship with MM.  We sure aren't hitting 
it off too well.  


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