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[IP] 'die'abetes....kids taking things literally/new name for diabetes?

Well, it appears that in some cases medical professionals were very good
at explaining things to both children and parents and others....scary!.
We had lots of 'technical information' and 'positive reinforcement', but
they had never thought about a child thinking they were dying.  I wish
they had, poor Erica would not have been lying in bed waiting to die at
4 yrs of age.  We just never thought she would think that.  We did let
them know afterwards though and hopefully they have remembered to let
parents of young children know to explain that  diabetes does not mean
to 'die' of ' betes'.

It would be nice if the medical professionals had a cue card and  ticked
off the things that might make a difference to that small, or mature
human sitting in front of them.  How important those first words are!!
>From heading out with a positive feeling to thinking your time on earth
is limited.......they are obviously on opposite ends of the scale!

If we ever do get a listing of 'funny/stupid/ things people have said
about diabetes, I will forward them to my medical team along with a list
of things 'NOT TO SAY' or 'PLEASE SAY' if anyone wants to tackle that

As far a less frightening name than 'die'abetes.  I don't
know....isletitis? lessisletsitis? noisletlitis?  wontdiabetes?

...who just changed Erica's batteries for the first time 10 minutes
ago!  Yay!  It was easy.....so sweet....our first alarm.

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