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[IP] humalog in pump

ok so i am 24 digests behind...


thank you

now in terms of using humalog in the pump:

1.  no it is not approved, but as wayne says - who cars - it isnt approved 
for the 31 gauge syringe either

The reason WHY doctors are hesitant to put it in pumps and why pump makers 
are hesitant to TELL you too is cuz the last 20+ years of insulin studies 
have concentrated on REGULAR insulin...the rises, the peaks, the falls, the 
tail - all that crap...H is relatively new...and all those years of study 
have not been done.  "MOST" people are USED to the way Regular insulin works 
(whether you wanna call it Humulin R, Velosulin BR or whatever screwy term 
those Brits use...).

The doctor also has to cover his ass a little...if you don't check your 
syringe REGULARLY...you can miss out on as much as 2-4 units of basal...that 
is how many units need to be delivered before you will get a NO DELIVERY 
ALARM for an empty syringe...If you are a wee little lass like Kayla...that 
is MANY MANY hours Even for a not so wee lass like myself, that is still more 
than 3-5 hours...if I am not getting basal, how can I expect my bg to remain 
normal...I wont get an alarm until the pressure has built up enough to make 
it sound...With Regular/Humulin R/Velosulin BR at LEAST you have a slightly 
longer "tail" left over that will help carry you a little bit (not if you are 
Kayla, most likely, but maybe an adult will be a little more OK)

HUmalog is NOT for everyone...If Velosulin works for you in a predictable 
manner, then there is no need to switch...it costs more...some insurances 
won't cover it...blah blah blah...and don't be awed by the statistic that 
over 80% of hte peopple on this list use it...Of the 1300 people here...less 
than, what..10% of you have filled out a form...and even fewer of you have 
sent a picture...come on get with the program kids!

whose workouts are down to $7.00 each!!!
AND whose eye is once again filled with BLOOD dammmit
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