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Re: [IP] Insurance

I am in GA and we have BC/BS Blue Choice PPO. We like that better than POS
(point of service) We wouldn't go to an HMO with BC/BS because the choice of
doctors is limited and with my health problems I needed an open book where it
comes to doctors.
BC/BS has been good but you need ALOT of patience in speaking with customer
service. But...otherwise we can't complain.

At 06:19 PM 4/12/99 , you wrote:
>I live in Georgia and am currently with State Health Benefit Plan (State
>Merit).  We are in our open enrollment period right now and I am curious to
>know if anyone out there is with Blue Choice HMO.  Do you like their
>coverage and dealing with this plan?  It is cheaper than State Merit but I'm
>not sure if cheaper necessarily means better.
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