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[IP] Edifying Comments, Not!

I have been reading the list of comments that we here all too frequently
from well-meaning friends and family.  I must say that some of them really
make me laugh.  The list of complications from diabetes has been eliciting
a few chuckles, too.  I now know that my inabilty to do dishes is caused by
my diabetes as well the lack of motivation to do laundry more than once a
week. <tee hee hee>  But seriously, can we cut the general population some
slack about not being educated about diabetes.  Would you want to know
about menace if you didn't have to?  I have a major problem <grrrrrr> with
all the medical professionals, doctors, CDEs and dieticians who still think
that two shots a day is perfectly fine for everyone.  I'd like to stick a
needle full of something into the.....  Any comebacks for the well-meaning,
but ill-informed, medical professionados?  It's the docs who refused to
prescribe insulin "because it will make you fat" that are causing the
problems, not to mention all the 1000 calorie diets floating around.

A humor page? Sounds good to me.  My husband doesn't understand why I need
to laugh at all of this.  Then again, he faints at the sight of a needle!

Kim, dx 1993, pumping 7/98, laughing a lot more since joining this group in

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