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[IP] APPROVAL!!!!!! :-)

Hi Everybody!!

	I am SOOOO EXCITED here!!  I am holding the approval for Steven's 
pump!!!!!!  If you might remember, my son was the one with asthma also and 
his BG's have been IMPOSSIBLE to control.  I can't believe this, my hands are 
still shaking!!  I spoke to the MiniMed rep and we should have our pump by 
the end of the week....then training and whatnot, but at least it will be 
here!  I called them on Friday and kind of blasted them about sitting on our 
request for so long.  I told them that if they made us wait until June for a 
decision (like they told us), they better hope he didn't end up in the 
hospital, cause #1 they'd be stuck with the bill, and #2 I'd be in touch with 
a lawyer....Well I guess it worked, cause today in the mail, I got the 
approval.  I keep looking at it not believing it's really here.  Thanks for 
all the support of this group!  It's been wonderful to have all of you 
through this fight!!!

Kelly Marshall & Stevie too!  :-)
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