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[IP] CAMP, D and teens, Pumping--advice

HI All
 I am 15 and had diabetes ten years. I started a trial 507c last
Thursday, really like it..was scared to death of wearing it to high
school, but it was no deal at all! I have recently decided that I want
to go to Diabetes camp, at least once...wish i had gone years ago, but
my parents never brought it up.
 I have seen the listings at cwd, but not too many options for 15 year
olds in VA. Any suggestions? I am in Manassas, VA..and also wonder if
there are any pump support groups, where and when, in Northern VA, I
would love to meet some real pumpers! Also, any kids or teens around
who pump? In my town, the family doc and nurses don't know much about
the pump. I can try and educate as best I can, but what is the best
way, where do most people (docs) learn about it?
Thanks for advice
15, d'xed @ 5, trial pumper

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