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[IP] need some advice on a support group


I am starting a support group for families of type 1.  We are planning
to do fun things.  Actually we had our first informal get together in
March(8 families).  We went bowling.  It gave us a chance to chat and
just be with others that had to deal with food/insulin/bgls etc...  I am
going to plan the next one at a skating rink, they have a room for
birthday parties that i plan on using to have maybe a pump rep or meter
rep come and do a demo for about 1/2 hour and then the rest of the time
just fun.  My son is almost 10 and i think it helps to see that he is
not alone in his daily struggle.  Plus other groups that were tried for
families of type 1 fizzled out, typical 1/2 cirlcle settings, i think
people just got bored and of course the kids didn't like it much.


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