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Re: [IP] Re: Testing

My son also uses the FasTake, he loves it (if an 8 year old can like testing
their blood sugars).  I was also wondering how often people are checking
their blood sugars, pumpers and non-pumpers alike.  When Taylor was released
from the hospital he was told to check his blood sugars 4 times a day.  If
only it were that easy!!!  He checks them at least 6-10 times a day.  In
fact I went to the pharmacy to pick up test strips (thankfully they are
covered by insurance)  the pharmacist asked how often he was checking, and
when I told him he looked at me in amazement.  Our theory with Taylor is
when in doubt check your blood sugar (in addition to the 4 times he should
do it any way), and he has always been right on when he checks them.

(A mom new to diabetes)
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>Although I use a diffeent meter for home and the office, I carry the
>in my pocketbook  in a make-up type case.  The FasTake is really small and
>only takes 15 seconds for bg results.  If I want to be discrete I am able
>test my bg without even taking the meter out of my bag.  I test my blood
>quite frequently and would not get peace of mind if I was unable to do
>quick checks during the day.
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