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[IP] Kids are so literal

I was diagnosed in 1980 at the age of 4.  Like your daughter I thought
that I was going to die of "betes".  Whatever that meant.  However, I
don't remember thinking it was going to happen immediately.  My mother
was very concerned about my health and my understanding what this ment
for me.  So she asked a lot of questions in front of me to the nurses
and doctors.  She also got involved with a support group before I was
even out of the hospital.  I was lucky that she was so involved,
although I would never admit it to her.  :)  Back then I felt like I was
always being dragged around somewhere.  However, all the doctors were
quick to point out the complications and less about the positive strides
that had been made in care.

I am 22 now, one month shy of 19 years with type 1 and I have yet to
experience any of the complications the doctors listed back then.
<knocking on wood as she types>

Hope that helps,
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