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[IP] Diabetic cycles

I don't know if this helps, but:

My blood sugars started to do very similar things when I was Jenna's
Although mine was also prepuberty, I still think that younger female
especially DMers, have hormone swings which effect their blood sugars.  

The other thing I have noticed with my swings, I am not medically
to support so take this as you may, is that my body must still be
storing energy.
I guess what I mean is...my body will store sugar and release it to
cover for
lower blood sugars.  I am a type I and have no insulin production at
all, but my
body still tries to compensate for the lows.  Thus, when I have a low
they tend to
swing very quickly and I tend to have multiple lows in a row.  I have
been reducing
my insulin intake and that seems to stop that cycle.  When I was
younger, about 11, I had the same cycles but instead of keeping them
normal, my blood sugars would stay constantly around 200 no matter how
much insulin I was taking.  

Not on the pump yet, so I can't give you pump advise.
Best of luck,
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