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Re: [IP] Preferred provider's high supply prices

On  9 Apr 99 at 19:32, Richard Aleksander wrote:

> 1)  Who else feels this way.

Almost everyone who's ever actually looked at the data...

> 2)  What's a pumper to do?

Get your documents together, showing how much their "preferred provider" is 
actually costing them and you.  Get the documentation about direct purchase 
from the pump vendor and figure out how much money the insurance company would 
save if you could buy directly.  Then contact your insurance company and keep 
asking for a supervisor until you get someone high enough in the company to be 
able to listen to you and help get things changed to where you can get the 
supplies and save everyone money.  Be sure to document every person you talk 
to, including the time you talked to them and how long you were on the phone.  
Ask them to confirm everything in writing too...  it may take a couple of 
tries, but you can eventually get either the system changed where you can 
purchase the supplies cheaper or you will have a file of documentation to take 
to the insurance commision of your state or an "investigative reporter" for a 
newspaper or TV company to do a story on how the insurance companies are 
driving up health care costs and don't care...  that will definitely get 

Randall P. Winchester
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