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To put my 2c worth in...I remember when I was a young child and heard my mama talk about a
little lady that had "sugar"---the dr.'s took off both her legs  as a result of the "sugar"..
imagine the feeling I had when I was dxed.---well, needless to say...I am now 47 have had
diabetes (not sugar) for 30 years and have both legs...
My husband,  who was the perfect picture of health, and I used to talk about life expectancy
and the porbability of me dyiung before him and what I wanted for the children...well, to make
a long story short...he died of a massive heart attack 2 years ago, and here I am...raising 2
boys, without him.
Life takes strange turns, but as burdensome as it is, we can live with diabetes and "Pumping
is  almost like being normal"...


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