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RE: [IP] Blaming Diabetics

Over Labor Day weekend of last year I experienced my first and only negative
response to testing my two boys in public.  Up until then the only responses
I had experienced were indifference, curiosity and/or empathy.  I really
concentrate on making my boys feel no problems about letting others know
about their diabetes.  We do not attempt to hide it ever.  We do the tests
quietly, and given the demeanors of my kids while it is going on, quickly.
This situation was no exception.

I exchange daily emails with my friends and family and here is a copy of
what I wrote at the time.
We drove to a TexMex place in Manchester that has a good vegetarian menu.
While we were waiting, I was testing the boys.  I started to notice pointed
statements getting progressively louder while they became more and more
peppered with curses.  The people at the table beside us were incensed that
I was testing the boys at our table.  I continued to ignore them but they
grew progressively louder as they left to point where I finally turned to
them and loudly said, "Why don't you just grow up?"

The male started to make useless statements about how could I do that blah,
blah, blah...after which his wife started in by adding, :"I'm a nurse and I
would never do that, I would take them to the car or the bathroom."

"Oh that's sanitary!  Besides, it is a finger prick, not open heart

"Well, somewhere else then..."

If these a__h___s had simply told us they found it disturbing, that would be
one thing.  In retrospect, if I have hear someone cursing again, I will tell
them to clamp it or we can discuss it outside.  The simple fact of the
matter is that I will not make the boys think there is anything wrong with
what we have to do.  Hiding it would contradict that.  Fortunately they had
no idea that the exchange of words had anything to do with them.

The manager offered to allow us to use his office and also gave us my meal
for free.  He handled it very well.

		 - Dan Richardson
		4/12/99 12:29:25 PM
Dan Richardson 		4/12/99 12:20:02 PM
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Dear Tonya and All:  Sometimes I wonder where some people have been all of
their lives..there is a crowded rock out there someplace.  I had a person
(lady?) ask me once if I was contagious!! I was doing a blood check while
on-line for a ride at Disneyland.  Since I had her 'captive' so to speak, I
gave her a little education.  However, I was SO TEMPTED to say to her, "Only
if I bite you!!"  Love to all, Joanne Mc
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