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Re: [IP] Sick & tired of comments

In a message dated 04/11/1999 11:58:24 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I am type I for 25+ years and appreciate the great advances in lifestyle
 but am frustrated as hell about some of the attitudes.  My latest example
 is that while driving in a strange city a friend implied that I was being
 too compulsive testing 4-6 times a day as his" mother only has to test once
 a day".  Despite explaining and explaining to friends I find it more and
 more probable that the only companions let alone girlsfriends for us are
 other type I's.


It is so frustrating when others offer unsolicited advice.  My usual response 
is "Thanks for the information, I'll think about it.".  People are usually 
just trying to be helpful, they just don't realize that they are no help at 
all.  Other diabetics may be a bit more sympathetic to events, but can just 
as bad in offering advice.  Since we know more about diabetes we have more 
advise to offer! 

There are compassionate people around, diabetic and not.  Don't give up on 
your friends.  If they are truly friends they only want the best for you.  If 
they aren't friends, it doesn't matter what they think.  All those needle 
pricks can make a person's skin rather thick (metaphorically speaking).

Perhaps some of the Canadian members can comment about what you can do to get 
a pump.  Good luck!!


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