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No/Low Carb Diet (was RE: [IP] Bernstein)

I don't know any facts about it, so please don't flame.

Having said that, my Endo warned me about getting too much protein and not
enough carbs.  He said it would put undue stress on my kidneys (having to
process all that protein) and might cause kidney complications to arise.  It
might be something worth a little research if you are interested.

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> email @ redacted writes:
> << I tried Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution for one week.  No carbs does
>  make  my insulin requirements go down and my bgs better.  However, this 
> is an impossible diet  >>
> What DO you eat if you can't have carbohydrates?   How would you calculate

> a bolus on this type of diet?

First of all, Bernstein is NOT a NO-carb diet. He allows a total of 30
grams of carbs a day.  He recommends 6g for breakfast and 12 each for
lunch and dinner. 

Most of these carbs come from the veggies that he recommends -- there is
no such thing as a NO-carb veggie, but there are a lot that are very low
in carbs. He is a BIG advocate of LOTS of low-carb, high-fiber veggies
-- contrary to rumor, he does not recommend living on meat and fat.
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