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Re: [IP] Walk For The Cure...kids are so literal

     Poignant smile of recognition here.....when Melissa (then 9 1/2) years 
old was told by her pediatrician that she had "DI-ABETES", she immediately 
asked "does that mean that I'm going to die?" Both her doctor and I cried 
with her & then her doctor explained "no - but it does mean you'll have to 
live your life differently"....So yes, I've known from the start that kids 
tend to "hear" only the first syllable, and have repeated that story to other 
flabbergasted parents over the years.......
    And I'm thrilled to hear Erica's doing well...time to omit the word 
"still" from your posts now Barb!!! The only ones who'd be expecting her NOT 
to do well would be those sceptical recalcitrant endos who don't believe kids 
can "do" pump therapy!!!!

Regards, Renee
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