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Re: [IP] A moment to Vent

Wow, now I know why I've been able to survive so well forthe past 40 years.
All that red wine keeps my heart pumping and the beer keeps my diabetes
under control!!!  It's a wonderful life, ain't it Sam?  By the way, I love
your brother, Sam, i.e., Mr. Adams.  Maybe you could also start selling
diabetic hopsickles.
  Would sure stop a lot of wining about diabetes.
Maybe  minimed could even change its name to minibrew.
Sorry for contributing to all this brewhaha, but that's what happened since
i've started putting beer in my pump!!  And you thought you had problems
with bubbles in your tubing?

>>I was at the store and clerk noticed my pump.  She said that a regular
>>customer is not diabetic anymore.  He has started to drink two beers a day
>>and his blood sugars are now normal.  If I wanted to get rid of mine I
>>do them same.  I just smiled and asked her what brand he drank.

<<<<I would also like to find the cure to what "ales" me...
(who's always brewing up trouble>>>>>>

* Wayne *

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