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Re: [IP] insurance coverage

As a medical equipment provider, I've run into this situation several
times.  First, the disclaimer:  everything depends on your particular
policy's language, and whether your claims processor is in a good mood.
However, there's one insurance company that requires me to establish that
the repair, not the item itself, is medically necessary.  They've covered
repairs to items that they refused to cover.  As long as I can document
that the item is not functioning properly, no warranty is in effect,
repair is less costly than replacement, and repair will return full
functioning capacity, it's usually covered without a fight.  When I first
encountered this one, I demanded their policy in writing and couldn't
believe it.  A lot depends on how the claim is coded when submitted to
the insurance carrier.  If coded as a repair to equipment, it may be

Incidentally, this is also a means to getting batteries for pumps
covered.  One insurance in particular doesn't cover batteries when coded
as batteries.  When coded as "replacement parts" they are covered.  I'm
not recommending anything fraudulent; you just have to know your way
around "the system."

Phil DuBois
email @ redacted

Michael wrote:

> > Unless your medial policy specifically has an exclusion, they would
> > have to replace it based on "medical necessity" anyway.
> > email @ redacted -
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