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[IP] Question for the medical professionals

A1C blood test should be checked
ever 4-8 weeks.  (in pregnancy).....

OB's try to control diabetes infinitely more intensively during pregnancy
because it reduces the risk of birth defects, of stillbirths, and of
complications like renal failure to the mom.  Target blood sugars are lower,
especially post-prandial blood sugars.  Since A-1-C's reflect about 6 weeks
of glucose levels, every 90 days (the standard for non-pregnant DM) about
half that time period isn't "captured" in that level.  So, in OB, they want
to see how it's running more closely, so that more mid-course corrections
can be made, for better outcomes of the mom and baby.

Nancy Morgan (MD, when not being Jenna's mom)

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