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No Subject

I too was wondering about the weight gain of adolescence.

I do think that's normal.  Jenna had been about 55-58 pounds for several
months before diagnosis, and weighed 49 pounds when she checked into the
hospital at diagnoses.  After she got on insulin, she instantly shot up to
64-64 pounds, and I worried about her weight, too, (she was 8 and 48" tall,
then), but now her weight has leveled out and is proportional to her size.
I think it was just the weight she hadn't gained, or lost from the
undiagnosed diabetes.

Also, there are a higher percentage of diabetic kids who have thyroid
problems.  Has he had his thyroid studies checked?  Low thyroid can cause
the pounds to pile on.  You might want to get it checked with the next A-1-C
blood draw anyways.

And finally, lots of boys seem to get chubby before they start their height
growth spurt at adolescence.  Once they get tall, a lot of them seem to
"grow into" that weight, and they end up with a body that's very well
proportioned for the weight.

Nancy Morgan

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