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[IP] More info on Diabetic cycles, please

I'm interested in hearing more about people's "cycles" with diabetes (the
ups and downs of blood sugars, not menstrual cycles - Jenna's not there,
yet). She'll have anywhere from 3-5 days where her blood sugars are in
target range, no matter what we do, then 2 weeks of sugars that are above
target range, and we keep having to bolus to get them down, no matter what
we do.  It's not dependent on food or activity in particular, and illness is
its own special challenge, so I'm not thinking of sick times.  Is this just
normal?  What are y'all's cycles like (yes, I live in the South).  Do you
adjust basal rates when you're in the high part of the cycle, or just ride
it out with high boluses?

Nancy Morgan, mother of Jenna, who's going to be 10 on Wednesday
(is that better English, Michael? - I was 33 when Jenna was born)

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