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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #55

>My (fill in the blank family member) went on this diet, and no longer has to take insulin
>Making these suggestions, really do hurt sometimes.  I know it is a lack of education.
>Christene Ullom
>email @ redacted

The one that really gets me is when I tell people (who know me
already) that I'm now partially sighted due to diabetes complications.
Almost invariably their response is "can't you get some (stronger) glasses?"
Well yes, I just go around with 3/60 vision, seeing everythi in 2D, not being able to read
anything except the largest of print, see anything further away than a
few yards, and see nothing at all in dark or bright light for the fun
of it or because it never occurred to me I could just get some new glasses.

Sometimes I actually reply this to them and they get all offended
 and say I shouldn't have a go at them, they don't know anythig about
retinpathy, do they? Well, they probably don't, and I'm not saying they should, but
c'mon.....use a little sense. For some reason I find those comments
really hurtful. As if I could "cure" my sight but just didn't know
until they pointed out the solution to me. Same thing goes for Dm
(though I've never had the "lose weight and you'll be cured" remarks
Off my soapbox now :-)

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