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Re: [IP] insurance coverage

On Sun, 11 Apr 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

> << After 3 months of shots, I told 
>  them about the wooden leg and  >>
> The wooden leg????? What is the story on this one??
The wooden leg story:

If you lost a leg in an accident, and went to your doctor about rehab and 
requested a prosthesis, you would expect your insurance company to 
respond appropriately and provide you with a modern appliance that was 
articulated, had a matching foot, etc.... However, your insurance company 
replies "here's a wooden peg (a la Long John Silver). What would you say??

The story with a pump is the same. Pumps have been around over 20 years. 
(Yes, we have a 22 year veteran on the list). Pumps are not experimental, 
rather they are "standard" treatement for IDDM. The "gold standard" to be 
more precise. Since there are not policies (except some union contracts) 
that specifically exclude insulin pumps, the insurance companies are 
OBLIGATED to provide a "standard" of care which is accepted and 
up-to-date, to do otherwise is in violation of their contractual 
obligation no matter how much they wiggle or squirm or try to otherwise 
resist providing a treatment for which there is a prescription and a 
letter of "medical necessity". 

The message here is "don't accept a wooden leg"

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