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Re: [IP] The Cure

> So maybe we can at least 
> get a vaccine to prevent diabetes.  I would be happy with that.  At least, my 
> children and future grandchildren and great grandchildren would not have to 
> deal with this.

Actually not that far fetched. I read an article last year about the
two particular immune cells that are involved with diabetes . The article 
stated that if "A" was activated before "B", B would never activate and 
thus could not attack the pancreas, whereas if B activated before A you 
were SOL. Not everybody has "B". But every who does have it has "A". So 
the trick is to create a vaccine that triggers A if it is present. I 
understand it is being worked on (I think. They discussed in the format 
of a childhood vaccine.  Am I making sense here??

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