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[IP] Re: brittle diabetes

> Actually, I think they are labeled "brittle" because they CAN'T control their
> BGs, no matter how hard they try.  I don't believe it is a make believe term.
>  Stephen was considered (and maybe still is) brittle because his test to test
> numbers fluctuate wildly, even if he takes the same amount of insulin, eats
> the same and has the same activity level from one day to the next.  It has
> mellowed out some as he's gotten bigger, but his numbers still range from 50
> to 350 in any given couple of days.  Fortunately, most fall in the 100 to 200
> range and his A1Cs are in the 5.7 range.
> Deb

Deb-It may just be a personal thing on my part, my dislike for that term.  It's
quite likely your son's (assuming he's still young) numbers will even out as he
gets older.  Mine did.  I was the same way--lots of daily fluctuations, but good
A1Cs.  The pump, along with the leveling out of hormones, has helped a lot.  The
other thing I don't like about the term is that it seems to stick for life, even
though control may change.  I think it sets the tone for how we think of ourselves
and how others perceive us in terms of diabetes.  Again, that's just my vantage
point.  Jen

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