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Re: [IP] I give up

In a message dated 99-04-08 21:50:07 EDT, you write:

<<  had hoped that this group would be an encouragement to me, since I have
 no support here at home.  As you can tell I am a little sensitive right
 now.   >>

Diabetes is tough,no matter which type you have!  Problems in Type 2 come 
from a 2 fold defect: defective insulin and insulin resistence. The insulin 
you make is likely ineffective, so you make more of it to achieve a normal BG 
early on, and then have trouble with weight gain. This process wears out over 
time (often over years) and you begin to make less and less insulin. Then the 
second defect is in the cells where the insulin and glucose aren't used 
properly. It is not your fault that this is happening! Newer studies show 
that whatever combination of medications are necessary to acheive the 
goal---normal BGs--then that is what you need. Some research studies show 
that the average amount of insulin needed per kilogram of body weight is 1.2 
units. This info has not reached all MDs who care for people with Type 2. 

Barbara B.
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