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Re: [IP] A moment to Vent

Ginny Kloth wrote:
> Maybe the cure lies in the brew..Wouldn't  that be something <giggle>
> Ginny
> At 07:13 PM 4/11/99 , you wrote:
> >I was at the store and clerk noticed my pump.  She said that a regular
> >customer is not diabetic anymore.  He has started to drink two beers a day
> >and his blood sugars are now normal.  If I wanted to get rid of mine I
> should
> >do them same.  I just smiled and asked her what brand he drank.

Don't want to rain on the parade here, but I suspect he's coming from a
slight amount of medication needed for diabetes, and the alcohol has the
same sort of effect that Glucophage does surpressing the liver's dumping
of extra glycogen into his system. 

That's PURE supposition, mind you, and I wouldn't expect this result
with bee, anyway. Wine perhaps?

Ted Quick
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