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Re: [IP] A moment to Vent

Ullom wrote:
> I am getting so sick and tired of the following comment:
> †
> A friend of mine, lost a lot of weight, and was able to go off her
> insulin completely. Maybe if you lost weight ...

Well, the answer to THAT one is, I already DID!!! And then a smirk as if
to say, so tell me something I don't already know! Another answer might
be "So where do you see a lot of weight on me eagerly waiting to be

> OR
> †
> My (fill in the blank family member) went on this diet, and no longer
> has to take insulin

And the answer here is, He has a different disease. Period. Then, if
they're interested, they'll ask questions, otherwise, they'll drop the

And you can pity them for their ignorance if they do. 

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