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Re: [IP] Blaming Diabetics

I am still on injections, but I whip both out in public.  Amazingly more of
the people who notice ( a very small percentage) have a bigger problem with
the blood then the injection.  However, very people notice because I have
the beep turned off on my profile and I can usually balance it on my lap
while doing it.  Also if you do it with confidence, rather then sheepishly
people don't seem to notice either.
Just my two cents.

- Sherry
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Date: Sunday, April 11, 1999 5:34 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Blaming Diabetics

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><< Sometimes I wonder where some people have been all of
> >their lives..there is a crowded rock out there someplace.  I had a person
> >(lady?) ask me once if I was contagious!! I was doing a blood check while
> >on-line for a ride at Disneyland.  >>
>I've got a question.......... How does everyone handle the increased blood
>sugar checks since getting the pump?  Do you "Duck" into a bathroom to do
>them or just wherever you are?   How do "onlookers" handle this??
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