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[IP] Wanting a Cure

Yeah, when I was diagnosed back in 1985, the told me that in 7 years, there would be a cure. Just waiting on FDA approval. I used to get my hopes up for a cure.  And there are days I would much rather not have to bother, but I have lost all hope.  The possibility of a cure ever being utilized probably will never happen in my life time.  Really, this disease is the cash cow.  Once you have someone, then you have them for life.  Look at the costs in treating diabetes, and the costs for complications, The numbers are absolutely staggering.  There would have to be an enormous joint venture to displace all those funds, and I don't think that the pharmaceutical companies are going to be cooperative.    To me, I have to life in the moment, and do the best that I can with the tools that are available.  The pump is a help I would have to admit.  The best thing I can hope for, is that my life will not fall fate to the so very many that have already lost the battle.
Christene Ullom
email @ redacted