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Re: [IP] insurance coverage

> Unless your medial policy specifically has an exclusion, they would
> have to replace it based on "medical necessity" anyway.
> email @ redacted -
> ---------------------------------------------------------- Michael,
> Are you saying that if something happens to our insulin pump that
> our  "health insurance" should cover to get another pump?
Depends on the policy language, but basically - yes. They will 
probably give you a lot of flack, but if it is a "medical necessity" 
that's what the medical insurance is for and they are contractually 
obligated to provide the necessary coverage. For example..... your 
pump breaks - it is no longer under warranty -- does the insurance 
company say "tough we bought one already"? Nope, they buy another. 
Why?, medical necessity. They don't ask why it broke, just that you 
need a pump.

There are some insurance 
experts on the list, how about some input folks???

Michael <email @ redacted>
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