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Re: [IP] The Cure

In a message dated 4/11/99 1:35:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< did we first start hearing in 
 the 70's that "This Will Be The Decade For The Cure"? Seems to 
 me that the "Promise" is long overdue!  >>

Not to worry, when Stephen was diagnosed, we were told there WILL be a cure 
within 10 years.  Well, his 7 year anniversary is July 23, so we only have a 
little over 3 years to go and this disease will be history!

Another anecdotal story: We did a walkathon in September of the year he was 
diagnosed, a month before he turned 6.  I explained to him it was to raise 
money to help find a cure for diabetes, and he should ask everyone to support 
him.  Well, he raised about $300 or more and we went and did the walk.  When 
we got to the car he exclaimed "we did it!  let's go to McDonalds and then 
out for ice cream!  I looked at him questioning why he wanted that, and his 
answer:  Now that I did the walk for the cure, I'm cured!  I can eat whatever 
I want!"  What a sad little boy I had to explain what a "walk for the cure" 
was about.  He swore he would never do a walkathon again.  He thought the 
concept was "stupid".  

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