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Re: [IP] The Cure

When I was diagnosed at the Univ. of Minn. Hospital (which is in the
forefront of dm research) in October of '66, they told me that there
would be a 'cure' in the next 5 years, tops.  When 5 became 10, 20 and
30 years I began to think that they just didn't know what was going on. 
How would I have felt if they told me that I would have it for the next
33 years, at least.  Is there some kind of grand conspiracy to keep
dm'ers hopeful and looking ahead to the cure, that's just around the

>Will some of you other "old-timers" help me to remember (you 
>know how DM affects your memory ;>)), did we first start hearing in 
>the 70's that "This Will Be The Decade For The Cure"? Seems to 
>me that the "Promise" is long overdue! Write your Congressperson!
>George Lovelace
>Dxed 1964, D-Pumped 8/13/98 
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
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