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Re: [IP] Blaming Diabetics

At 10:13 PM 4/10/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Dear Tonya and All:  Sometimes I wonder where some people have been all of
>their lives..there is a crowded rock out there someplace.  I had a person
>(lady?) ask me once if I was contagious!! I was doing a blood check while
>on-line for a ride at Disneyland.  Since I had her 'captive' so to speak, I
>gave her a little education.  However, I was SO TEMPTED to say to her, "Only
>if I bite you!!"  Love to all, Joanne Mc

I think a lot of people get all sorts of diseases that are "out there" all 
mixed up. And blood, especially makes many people very nervous, especially 
since all of the AIDS publicity. I'd be curious as to whether even 30% of 
the general population knows anything about diabetes at all. (Yes, they may 
have heard the word, but do they know what it is?)


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