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Re: [IP] Airports

At 07:37 AM 4/11/1999  Natalie A. Sera wrote:
>Interesting first airport experience with pump:  I walked through the
>doorway thingie in Reno, no problem, they didn't notice anything, but in
>Seattle, it went off. The guy noticed the lump in my pocket and told me
>to put it on the tray -- I told him it was an insulin pump, and attached
>to me -- he looked VERY dubious and seemed about to argue with me, but
>then another guy came over and said it was OK, but they'd have to go
>over me with the wand. Like, so who cares? The wand caught my Medicalert
>bracelet, my watch, the metal buckles on my shoes, and the pump -- but
>they let me through. Good thing I was well in time for my flight!!!

Not only is each airport different, but they also change over time. I can't 
tell you how many times I've been through the gate at the Portland Intl. 
Airport, leaving to different destinations. I've never even had even a blip 
until last month. Then I had almost exactly the same experience as Natalie 
in Seattle. (is this a NorthWest phenomena??) I explained the pump and 
someone said that's OK and I got wanded from stem to stern. So, just be 
prepared, be calm and explain things as necessary. With the world the way 
it is today, we ought to be glad that they are checking so closely.


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