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Re: [IP] Airports

"Natalie A. Sera" wrote:
> Interesting first airport experience with pump:  I walked through the
> doorway thingie in Reno, no problem, they didn't notice anything, but in
> Seattle, it went off. The guy noticed the lump in my pocket and told me
> to put it on the tray -- I told him it was an insulin pump, and attached
> to me -- he looked VERY dubious and seemed about to argue with me, but
> then another guy came over and said it was OK, but they'd have to go
> over me with the wand. Like, so who cares? The wand caught my Medicalert
> bracelet, my watch, the metal buckles on my shoes, and the pump -- but
> they let me through. Good thing I was well in time for my flight!!!
> So it seems that different airports are set up differently -- maybe Reno
> allows for more metal because of all the slot winners taking their
> buckets of nickels home????

Actually I think it's more a difference in sensitivity between scanners.
When we took my Dad to the airport to send him to my brother's I found I had 
to go through the security gate twice with running things back and forth.
The firsttime, going through 1 gate, no problem. The next time I took the
shorter line to go through the next gate over, and it alarmed. I thought 
it was the pump, but it turned out to be my glucose meter in the pocket
next to the pump.

Ted Quick
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