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Re: [IP] The Cure

when I was diagnosed in 1980 the doctor said the outlook was promising and
that there would be a cure found in the next five years.  My mom worried
about all of the complications sought out all the books and periodicals she
could find to learn more about type I.  She found one book that was very
helpful, but was written in 1972.  In the epilogue the author wrote that she
was very sceptical with what her doctor had told her when she was diagnosed
in 1965.  He had told her five years for a cure.  My mother and I now laugh
when we hear a new endo tell us that.  One of these days there will be one
and I will probably laugh it off...not knowing any better.  :)

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Subject: [IP] The Cure

>Will some of you other "old-timers" help me to remember (you
>know how DM affects your memory ;>)), did we first start hearing in
>the 70's that "This Will Be The Decade For The Cure"? Seems to
>me that the "Promise" is long overdue! Write your Congressperson!
>George Lovelace
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