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Re: [IP] Living like a DMer

You are in Charlotte.  I just moved from there.  That is where I was having
problems getting on the pump.  My endo was with First Charlotte Physicians.
However, I was 21 and seeing an adult endo.

Happy Birthday Jenna.

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From: John Bowen and Nancy Morgan <email @ redacted>
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Date: Saturday, April 10, 1999 7:58 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Living like a DMer

>Even being a pumper doesn't always make a endo sensitive to kids.  Jenna's
>first endo was a Type 1,  & had a pump.  When we asked him for one, he said
>no way until she was ready to be independent caring for her diabetes, about
>age 14.  As I stewed, trying to figure out how I was going to get a pump
>Jenna, he left the area, and we began seeing his partner, who is not
>diabetic.  The first time I called him with a problem, before we'd even had
>a real visit, he said to me "What would you think about a pump?"  I almost
>cried.  He told me that he thought the pump was the best thing that ever
>happened for kids with diabetes, and he now has about 100 kids pumping
>insulin (the youngest I know started at age 6 with a 506).  So KUDOs to Dr.
>Mark Parker of Charlotte, NC, and hiss to his former partner, who shall
>remain nameless . . . .
>And to the moms who argue that their kids aren't ready to be independent,
>but why should that matter about the pump.  I feel the very same way.  I
>count the carbs, I do the mealtime math (or at this point, double check
>these things, as Jenna really is getting quite good at them). I can't see
>how this is different than on shots, when I counted the carbs, double
>checked the syringes, etc.  So, use that arguement, it's a valid one, push
>for the pump, change endos if you have to, and go for it.
>Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, who's going to be 10 on Wednesday
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