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Re: [IP] Change from Softset to Silhouettes

email @ redacted wrote:
> Obviously the Sihouettes are giving me better and more consistent absorption,
> but now do I lower my boluses and my Basal Rate too? (I only have one Basal
> Rate for now because I couldn't test properly with the erratic absorption I
> was getting all year.)   I feel I have to start all over again figuring
> things out!

Yes, I'd say that basically right. Starting over can be problematic, but at
least it beats having erratic bgs all the time. You seem to need to lower your
dosage across the board, but need to define your basal rates at the same time.
It's likely best to reduce the dosage till your a bit high for now and get
first to see a pattern then act on it. Of course the HOWto guides on the webpage 
will give more complete information.

Ted Quick
Type 1 for 43 years (as of tommorow, anyway)
email @ redacted
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