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Re: [IP] Blaming Diabetics

     You are a welcome addition to this witty crew here!! I'm enjoying your 
posts which seem to capture just the right amount of levity to counterbalance 
the strain of living 24/7 with the disease that my 16 yr old daughter 
stubbornly refuses to "outgrow"!! When I reminded her recently that people 
STILL ask me that, she said "gee, if you put me on a rack & stretch me & I 
get tall enough, THEN will I outGROW it?".....Need I add, her bgs at that 
moment were delightfully in range!! The better her control, the funnier, 
sharper & more delightful this child/woman becomes!!!....

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom who regrets to inform the IP-ers that she did 
NOT get her license yesterday...parallel parked too far from the 
curb!!!...BUT, kudos to the "reality check" diabetes has afforded her. She 
never shed a tear. Just climbed right back up on her horse (actually a Volvo) 
& insisted on driving home! Color me one proud Mom!!!)
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