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Re: [IP] The Cure

So true George.  I first heard about the Cure in the 60's, the usual 10 year 
senario.  You know, the one that says there will be a cure in ten years.  
Well, I went to Washington, D.C. in March for the Rally for a Cure and I 
talked with my Congressman.  It was a very positive experience for me and I 
encourage all of you to go next year.  
The key to find that Cure is money for research.  The more money for 
research, the sooner the Cure will happen.  I was pleased to receive a letter 
recently from my Congressman that said that he and the other Congressmen from 
my state had sent a letter to the appropriations committee chairman asking 
for their support for increased funding for diabetes in the Fiscal Year 2000. 
 They also urged support to the Congressionally-mandated Diabetes Research 
Working Group's budget recommendation of $827 million for NIH(National 
Institute of Health)-supported diabetes research for FY 2000.  
I believe it really helps to let your Congressmen know that you want them to 
support this type of legislation.  I found the Congressmen I talked to very 
receptive to voters that voiced their concerns.  Let me put it this way, it 
can't hurt to e-mail or write or call your Congressman.  According to Miss 
America, who has been lobbying for more funding, if a Congressmen gets 4 
calls about any particular subject, he or she has someone look into it.  Go 
for it folks.  I want that Cure!  ellen
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