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[IP] Change from Softset to Silhouettes

I have been pumping for nearly a year using  Softsets with my Minimed 507.  I 
thought Humalog grew ineffective by second day following change of infusion 
set, but then I realized there were air spaces or bubbles in my tubing 
following disconnecting for a shower.(difficult to see because of vision 
problems)  I corrected that by bolusing .5 units before reconnecting and that 
helped.  I also started using my upper thighs instead of my abdomen, 
wondering if all the MI previous to the pump as well as 3 Ceasarian sections 
had scarred my abdomen too much.  The change of site  helped and my BG came 
down more consistently. Last week I switched to Silhouettes and back to my 
abdomen and now I'm having hypos every day, usually three  hours after 
breakfast  and/or one hour after dinner. (The latter probably due to 
gastroparesis which kicks in late afternoon.)
Obviously the Sihouettes are giving me better and more consistent absorption, 
but now do I lower my boluses and my Basal Rate too? (I only have one Basal 
Rate for now because I couldn't test properly with the erratic absorption I 
was getting all year.)   I feel I have to start all over again figuring 
things out! And my CDE hasn't answered her beeper in two days!
 :-(  Help!

Denise Guerin
Type 1 45 years  and getting confused with temporarily hypo impaired brain.


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