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Re: [IP] pycnogenal

Effect of pycnogenol: headache? 
I discontinued the two "regular" medications as well as the pycnogenol. Then 
started each one again, separately. The two regular ones did not show the 
particular side effect, the  day I took the pycnogenol alone, I again had a 
bad headache. 
I am a proponent of the use of herbs and "alternative" medications, such as 
for instance, the flavinols. The Balch book, Prescriptions for Nutritional 
Healing, recommends pycnogenol as one of the most powerful anti-oxidants 
available. I have found the book valuable and a useful guide. But, like so 
many books on alternative medecine, it does not provide much in the way of 
verifiable scientific data. Even if one is willing to forgo such data, and I 
don't think that we really can afford to do so, then the problem remains that 
we rarely get enough information to make an informed decision about when to 
take the medication, how long, how much and what possible conflicts there 
might be between the medication suggested and others  already takes. Where do 
we get information of side effects,  possible conflicts between these 
medications? If anyone has come across a good, data-based study of side 
effects and counter indications, I would like to hear of it. 
Greet Kershaw
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