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Re: [IP] lows

Rick had to lower his basals that were initially set up using the formula.  It also takes a while to figure out an insulin to carb ratio.  Even if the U is still affecting you now, you will most likely have to do a lot of adjusting to figure out the best dosages.  From what you describe though, you may be bolusing more than you should for a meal.  If you are at a good level 2 hrs after a meal but the H is still active and may continue to bring you down.  Example:  Rick thought he was low this morning around 10:30am.  Instead of checking (he was at work at the time) he just ate candies.  At 11:30 (before lunch) he was 14.4.  He had 127 grams of CHO for lunch and bolused 13.  At 1:45pm he was 4.7 (just over 2 hours later).  He ended up getting low around 3:30.  So he took too much insulin to cover his lunch and his high.  He most likely would have been OK if he had been about 2 points higher at 1:45.  So he could have taken only 11 units at lunch instead of 13.
Anyway, good luck.
The Verreault Family
Borden, Ontario, Canada
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Date: April 10, 1999 4:15 PM
Subject: [IP] lows

I have been pumping since last night and my bg's were great throughout the night. This morning they went low half hour after my 6:00am basal rate, which increased .3 units. After eating breakfast it went up to 180 and I bolused .8 units and within an hour it was down to 72 and remained low 54 all morning and got worse 46 just before lunch.  It was also fine 2 hours after lunch but now it's back down to 54.  My basal rate is only at .4 units.  Could I really need that much less?  Does anyone know how long Ultralente stays active?  Could yesterday mornings dosage still be working?