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Re: [IP] infusion sets

In a message dated 4/10/99 1:12:04 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Our CDE suggested the mini-med soft
 set inserter and we have used that twice but it won't stay in.  His
 blood sugars were great overnite, it's when he get's up and walks around
 that they dislodge.  He is ready to give up.  I should add that he is
 only 10 and very thin.  The tender's tape seemed to stick better, but it
 was so hard to remove from his skin.  >>

There are several products available that not only help tape adhere better, 
but act as a barrier between the skin and tape, tape doesn't stay on the 
skin.  One is Sween Prep by Sween Corporation (N. Mankato, MN) another is 
Skin-Prep by Smith+Nephew (Largo FL).

I may be misunderstanding why they dislodge, but I have had problems with the 
tape pulling off if I drop the pump.  I solve this by 1) making a small 
safety loop.  There is not much tubing before the quick release but it is 
possible and  2) always making sure the tubing points down.  If I drop the 
pump it won't pull at the tape.

Good luck!

Marilyn (pumping since 1988)
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