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Re: [IP] pycnogenal

Pycnogenol (Maritime Pine Bark) works by strengthening the capillary
walls.  It should not cause a headache.  Some research shows that it
also improves the circulation, so it conceivable COULD have caused your
headache.  All the research I've seen, however, shows ZERO side effects.

My vote would be for one of the two other drugs.  Did you read the
package inserts for THEIR side effects?

Mike Maturen

email @ redacted wrote:
> I have tried to take pycnogenal but started it together with two new
> medications and got one 24 hour long prince of a headache. I am trying to
> figure out which newby was the culprit. One of the problems with non
> traditional medication is often that you cannot get information on possible
> side effects or contraindications. Does any of your herb-learned diabetics
> know whether and what side effects there could be?
> My otherwise excellent Balch book does not tell me, though they do recommend
> using the supplemnt.
> Greet Kershaw (email @ redacted)
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