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Re: [IP] Insuring the Pump

I didn't think my idea on putting your name on the back of the pump were 
quite flame material.

I think that it is unlikely that an adult pumper would lose a pump.  (Mine is 
rarely disconnected when I am not at home.)  But now that pumps are available 
with Quick Releases, it is possible that someone could toss the pump into a 
gym locker or back pack while working out or swimming.

If the locker gets broken into at the gym, under my homeowner policy the loss 
is covered.  If I leave the backback at the poolside and forget about it, it 
is not covered.  If a nice person later finds the lost item/or the ditched 
stolen item, a note gets them one step closer to getting it back to me--and 
tells them that it's not an inexpensive pager.

Since most people beyond us and our families have no idea of what an insulin 
pump is or what it worth, it's possible that they would not go to the trouble 
to return it.  Even with Minimed's 800 numbers on the back-the extra few 
minutes for a label or a note in the case couldn't hurt.

Glenn Weber

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