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RE: [IP] lows

Ultralente can last in the system up to 36 hours.  Remember with injections, the insulin pools and is not absorbed as easily as with the pump method of delivery, small amounts at a time
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Subject: [IP] lows

I have been pumping since last night and my bg's were great throughout the night. This morning they went low half hour after my 6:00am basal rate, which increased .3 units. After eating breakfast it went up to 180 and I bolused .8 units and within an hour it was down to 72 and remained low 54 all morning and got worse 46 just before lunch.  It was also fine 2 hours after lunch but now it's back down to 54.  My basal rate is only at .4 units.  Could I really need that much less?  Does anyone know how long Ultralente stays active?  Could yesterday mornings dosage still be working?